Sunday, August 01, 2010

NARAM-52 Live! - Day 2 (Saturday)

Some time in the dark of night, Chris uploaded his photos and video from Saturday.  I won't highlight any of them as they were all kind of generic.  It's great that he put his videos on YouTube.  He is a computer media techie and in the old days would always have some new encoding that required a codec that I didn't have.  This year, he also has 360o panoramic shots.  I didn't watch them all the way through since they seemed to be mostly of vendor row.

Dave Schowiak and grog also have albums.

Carl McLawhorn (Mr. Semroc) has a nice story about meeting Mike Dorffler, Vern and Gleda Estes, and other current and ex-Estes employees.
Mike was weak, physically, but his spirit was strong. ...he had to feel the love of an industry that he helped shape.

Vern and Gleda were openly happy that they were again welcome at the company they built.
Pretty cool!