Monday, August 16, 2010

The Grand Whazoo is dead, and plans for a replacement

The Grand Whazoo was an 5' 4" tall, 8" diameter rocket that weighed in just under 3.3 lbs loaded up with a G80. On the 5th flight of the latest configuration, I suffered my first blowby. It ejected a few milliseconds after the attached photo was taken, shredded the recovery system, and lawn darted. After its dissection, I've determined that it's a total loss.  The lower section, including the fins, was intact but the fins were so gnarly that they should be replaced anyway.  So, I've decided to build something else using poster and foam board. I'm thinking of an 8" Mercury Redstone.  It will stand over 9' even without the pointy spike on top.  I built a spreadsheet to scale the dimensions provided in ROTW.  The name will also be taken from classic rock - Too Rolling (Red)Stoned.