Thursday, August 26, 2010

BNC-R1 - repaired and flight worthy

Here is the new BNC-R1 sporting its new bi-conical styrofoam nose cone.  The popped fin was reattached, re-filleted and touch painted.  I also added a new shock tether.  It now has a couple of feet of Kevlar twine mounted in the root of the launch lug (not shown here).  A yard of 1/4" elastic is attached to the Kevlar.  I left the brass tube in the cone's base and epoxied an eyebolt into it.

The BNC-R1 is on its 2nd re-build.  This is one of those rockets that will be repeatedly re-built until it is lost or I die. :D

'PHOTOSHOP' ALERT:  If you expand the photo, you can see the color of the right hand orange fin is unnaturally uniform.  In the original digital photo, it came out bright yellow due to undetermined oddities.  I tried to fiddle with it in GIMP and this is the best I came up with.  And it looks better this way that in yellow.