Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sport Rocketry, July/August 2010

This issues is mostly dedicated to NARCON 2010, which was held at Clark University.  Clark was where Dr. Goddard earned his PhD in 1911 so, naturally, Goddard played a big role in this year's event.  There was a tour of the Goddard displays, the keynote was delivered by Mott Linn who manages the university's collections, and Jim Flis released commemorative kits of Goddard's first liquid fuel rocket and his L-13.  There looks like there were tons of other cool presentations covering subjects from actual space science, GPS guided recovery, and low-tech paper rocketry.  These were covered at various levels of detail. The only other article was on the NAR's role in NASA's Student Launch Initiative (SLI).

And there is an ad from Estes for the commemorative re-release of their Saturn V!  I may not build one, but I project a joyful ripple in the force when these actually are available :)