Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Solo launch report - FLICS and Q E-Z edition

Location: my driveway
Weather: hot and raining
Total flights: Today - 3; YTD - 55
Total motors: Today - 3; YTD - 69

I only flew the FLICS and my Q E-Z Monocopter. I was going to dig up a couple of more of my heavy MicroMaxx dogs, but it started raining and I packed it in.  Back into my MicroMaxx range box, that is.
  1. First up was my MicroMaxx FLICS conversion.  Whether from being under powered, having off-center thrust, or weather cocking, it headed off at a steep angle.  I lost sight of it as it passed my tree and I thought it was in the neighbor's trees for sure.  But it went beyond them.  The altitude must have been over about 30'.  This sucks, you say?  I have several heavy MicroMaxx models that don't come close to this (as well as saucers, Qubits, monocopters, and 'sputniks') :D
  2. The Q E-Z Monocopter was my suckiest monocopter flight to date.  The only ones that went lower were the ones that I loaded onto the rod upside down (done that TWICE).  It spun a while and eventual took off to an altitude of 3'.  Several factors contributed, including being too loose on the rod.
  3. Made some field mods and it worked worse.  Hey, it did leave the rod.
I'm going to: add a small tube to make the rod fit better, replace the clunky balance beam with a longer, lighter dowel (had hoped to slap it together from parts that came with the kit), and work on balance in general. It may never fly well, but it should be able to do better.