Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random observation on the NAR Member Guidebook

I just received my copy of Volume 8, 2010-2011 Edition.  I've mentioned before that I think this is a great resource for new and old rocketeers alike.  The newbies get a great overview of what sport rocketry is all about and us old timers get a couple of good rocket plans and a bunch of coupons.  Well, the latter will appeal to just about everyone.  However, I do have a beef with the caption of the first photo in the first article, Rocketry Anatomy 101.  It reads: " Regardless of their shape, model rockets are all constructed with a nose cone, and airframe and fins."  Oh, r e a l l y?

OK,OK,OK, we all knew what they meant and you don't want to start by flying oddrocs.