Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quest FLICS and Q E-Z Helicopter Conversions

Even though the Quest's rubber-band-launched FLICS Precision Paper Rockets over the last couple of years and really liked the idea of actually using one.  Like Chris, I added a 'full-length' MMX motor tube nestled in the 'V' formed by the two body sections.  I cut a motor block from a spent casing and stuffed a second casing with Fill'n'Finish as nose weight.  This is partially inserted into the tube and taped to the body for flight.  It uses lawn dart recovery just like the stock version.

While rooting for the FLICS, I aslo found a Q E-Z rubber band powered helicopter kit that yelled MONOCOPTER!  Here's basically what I did:
  1. Remove the center wire piece form the hub and insert one of two blades.
  2. Cut a piece of the wooden spar that is about 1/4" longer then the hub. I'll call this the 'lower hub'.
  3. This lower hub sits on the under side of the stock plastic one.  I drilled a hole at the point corresponding to the end notch of the unused blade opening (opposite the blade).  I found a plastic rivet that holds that end of the plastic hub to the lower hub.
  4. Drill out the hole in the center of the plastic hub to fit a launch rod. Extend the hole through the lower hub.
  5. I eyeballed how long the balance beam should be and cut it from the spar.  I also cut two smaller pieces to frame the beam over the hub assembly.
  6. Finally, I added a short motor tube on top of the lower hub, opposite the wing.
  7. I inserted a motor and trimmed the plastic wing a bit.
Flight reports when the glue is dry!