Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Plume-cam' plus Dr Zooch

This past weekend, I sat with Dr. Zooch and was immersed in his video wizardry.  He uses Booster Vison wireless GearCams to make 'Ants is Space' videos, staging videos and much more.  He mounts them on booms to image the staging process and glider separation details.  He also had one in the nose of a Shuttle-like glider.  This glider can also hold a camera that views the ant-crewed cockpit from the inside during flight.  This is great stuff.  The first link above has several of these videos and if you can find out much more by searching TRF and the TRarchive for "Dr Zooch video."

I just found the following photo from Steve Jurvetson.  It shows duct tape-mounted camera that was intended to image the plume from the twin motors in an Estes Double-D.  Unfortunately, the weight of the camera insured that it hit ground first and thus far the video has not been recovered.  If you click through, you can find more info on the set-up, including a ground video of the flight.

Duct-Tape Rocketry