Wednesday, July 28, 2010

(Minor) Resistor 224 painting issues (a.k.a. stupid rocket tricks)

"Painting is just another name for trouble.  Either you just had trouble, you are having trouble, or you are going to have trouble".  - Me (with a hat-tip to Milt Rosen)

 Today's troubles:
  • I thought I had plenty of Metalcast metallic purple, but this stuff seems to take coat after coat after coat.  I'll have an 80% uniform coating, which will have to be close enough.
  • I am doing the Rustoleum Titanium Silver-over-black trick that I learned from Sascha Grant. It appears the high solids loading in this stuff makes it prone, on reuse,  to spattering big chunks. Grrr.  I cleared the nozzle after its 1st use too.  Maybe it requires even more shaking?  It will be a thicker overcoat than I planned since I'm trying to hide the splatter.
  • I also got some runs on the motor tube since I had to get close to make sure the black areas didn't turn solid titanium silver.  Additional masking would have avoided this.
Photos of the finished product will come tonight or day after tomorrow.