Sunday, July 18, 2010

Launch Report 2010-8

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-146)
Weather: low 90's, clear, wind ~5-10 mph
Total flights: Today - 9; YTD - 68
Total motors: Today - 18; YTD - 91

Another great day...good weather, light traffic (just missed a wreck that closed the east bound lanes of US 50), no lines at the pads.  Dr. Zooch provided shade and entertained me with both his rockets and random stories. I have several shots of his rockets in the slide show at the bottom of the post.

My Flights:
  1. Raygun Gothic HoJo on 4 D12-5's and 4 C11s - Excellent flight with respectable altitude and ejection at apogee.
  2. El Tubo Loco an G64-4 - I had the honor or drag racing Dave Webber's Tuber, which was on it's 220th flight.  He flew Tuber on an H100 sparky.  I got moving first but he won overall.  Good stuff!
  3. AeroTech Cheetah on an F39-6 - Nice boost with once slight shimmy at burn out.  This rocket would be insane on a G. Thanks Paul for another good addition to my fleet.
  4. First Flight Under Dawg on a D12-0/D12-5 - The rocket started really slow and translated with the wind. At staging, it went off at a steep angle and I cringed, not wanting a long walk in the heat.  But it weather cocked it's way back to vertical.  Good recovery.  But I still had a good walk.
  5. Stratosphere on an F24-7 - Shoulda drilled the delay. Dead.
  6. Fat Boi-nk on a C6-3 -What's to say? It went up, came down, and BOINKED :)
  7. Hat of Death on a D12-0 CHAD staged to an E9 - Underpowered to the max.  The E9 lit after impact resulting in a pucker factor of 8.5.  Given the weird start of the Under Dawg flight, I wonder if my batch of D12-0's is funky.  Here's what this motor combo is supposed to do!
  8. Hat of Death on a G75MS - Redemption!  Sparky redemption!
  9. Odd'l Birdie on an A3-4 - Good flight.

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