Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FLICS Lucky 13, on paper

I decided to do a RockSim 9 sim on the Lucky 13.  After all, the FLICS body panels are just flat fins. I just attached these 'fins' to a pod and moved it away from the body so that the 'V' is tangential to the body tube.  At first glance, everything was copacetic.  592' on an A3-4 with an optimal delay of 4.7 and 600' on an A10-3 with an optimal delay of 4.3.  But, I noticed a hiccup.  The margin with an A3 is 0.5 but with an A10 is 1.2.  Say what?  I  found RockSim thinks the A10-3 weighs ~1.8oz, vs. the actual weight of 3oz.  Maybe someone entered the weight after burn out or only the propellant weight?  Anyway, it looks like a margin of 0.5 would be acceptable IF I was confident of the accuracy of all my measurements.  Methinks I'll see if I can find a way to attach a little weight to the wire loop in the base of the cone.