Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back into the Backdraft

The Backdraft is probably the most unique rocket kit I've built.  The rocket boosts on a short delay motor, ejects the booster unit, the upper section comes in ballistic and, if all goes as planned, a fuse-activated retro motor slows the rocket and deploys the 'chute. It's flown three times on E9-4/C11-3 motors.  On the first flight, the retro rocket went off at a high altitude.  On the second flight, it went off really low and scared the hell out of the NARAM-50 contest range.  I thought Nick and I were going to get booted out but the only repercussion was that the rocket was banned. On the final flight at MDRA, the retro delay was about right but the Kevlar twine was damaged and the parachute cap was missing.  I've fabricated a new cap, augmented the broken Kevlar, and it is ready to scare the hell out of a new group of rocketeers :)