Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's on the workbench, Father's Day edition

  1. Priming my First Flight Mega-Sonic.  This is an BT60/24mm upscale of their Semi-Sonic.  The Semi is cute but the Mega is pretty cool.  Respectable size for a modroc and you gotta love long balsa cones.
  2. Prepping motors for the 12 x C6 flight of the 12-Pack.  Peeling the paper wrap of the Quest motors, adding tape thrust rings, etc.  Yeah, that is, that's all I'm doing. Honest.
  3. I dug through the Paul Miller box-o-dead-rockets and found an immaculately finished 13mm Patriot.  Me wonders if it was RTF?  Missing two fins, found one.  Will cut a fourth from wafer glass. Update:  Paint inside the lower tube shows this wasn't RTF, but most of the 'immaculate finishing' is actually a printed wrap.)
  4. I also found the bottom section of a Skinny Mini.  At least the fins are the same.  Since mine was butt ugly after may strange repairs, I'm replacing the the fin section with Paul's.
Special edition of Stupid Rocket Tricks:

  • Leave the lid off your Fill-'n'-Finish.  'Nuff said!