Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ROCKETS Magazine, June 2010

What's inside:
  • Review of an Estes Saturn V complete with scale gantry;
  • Pt. 5 of Black Magic Missile Work's electronics series;
  • Rocket girl Haley Allen;
  • Launch report from the Phoenix Missile Works club down south in Winterboro, AL;
  • Terry Johnson describes how to do all three cert levels on the same rocket, a 7.5" Fat Boy;
  • Build article on a rocket called the Envicerator.  Fitting name.
  • Burl Finklestein's article on his Big V2 that flew at Red Glare 8 on an 'O' and two 'N's.  I was surprised to learn the airframe was a 24" dia., surplus drop tank whose structure was wound fiberglass over a Nomex honeycomb.  I assumed the tank was merely used as a mold like Triopli Oklahoma did on their V-2 that has appeared off and on through the years.  This is the best article in this issue.
  • A report on Plaster Blaster 2009. This includes great coverage of a scale Patriot Battery loaded with 4 scale Patriots.  I suspect this is the same one that I've mentioned from LDRS-29.  There's also a huge X-15, which I doubt made an appearance since a series of two photos clearly shows it lawn darting, badly. Then there's a Colonial Viper and Delta II that may have been at LDRS (?).
  • Alan Whitmore has another article on propellant making.  This is way out of my league.
  • Another build article on the Azzurro: Blue Rocket;
  • Review of the Blastcap ejection charge holders;
  • And, last but not least, Pt. 1 of a series of articles on Drop Away SRBs, by Wes, 'Dr. Zooch' Oleszewski.
This is a feature-packed issue!