Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rocketry electrical safety

Verna and Randy have dedicated most of the June update of their Photo of the Month and Fire & Smoke features to a very important aspect of rocketry safety - electrical safety.
Recovery Safety. I will not attempt to recover my rocket from power lines, tall trees, or other dangerous places. 
Last month, two rocketeers from Canada were injured when they tried to recover a rocket from a power line. I had read about this on Rocketry Planet but had lost track of the thread.  I am saddened to hear one rocketeer died of his injuries.  The best homage we can pay is to heed the warning and stay safe.

By the way, just because a rocket snagged on a line is not up high is no reason to think it is safe!  V&R offer some photos of a rocket that almost dangled to the ground.  These lines carry high voltages that are capable of following any path to the ground and which can jump large air gaps.  Call the power company!