Saturday, June 26, 2010

Launch Report 2010-7

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-145)
Weather: clear, high 80's, wind ~5MPH
Total flights: Today - 9; YTD - 52
Total motors: Today - 22; YTD - 66

This was a really good day on the Shore.  Hot, but not too hot.  Enough wind to cool you but not make you walk too far.  And, it was pointing in the most favorable direction!  Thanks, as usual, to Don-Paul for the shade.  And the bottle that's suitable for odd-rocketry.

Our theme again today was the Paul Miller Memorial Launch, complete with a two-heat drag race of Paul Miller recycled rockets, a red, white and blue "gateway" arch, and several other tribute flights.  One heat of the drag race saw me (Dick-Paul) and Mikey-Paul fly Fatboys, each on three C6-5's.  My detailed report is below.  The second heat saw Don-Paul's ISQY Tomahawk on a G20 face off against Itchy-Paul's Paul Miller Special on a G40.  All I'll say is that Paul won the race :D  We also added the 'Paul' to our names on the flight cards (at least most of the time).

I brought Jerry the dog, who tried to fight Neil's girlfriend's dog.  Luckily, uncle Don-Paul was there to break it up.  Other than that, Jerry was good and had a good time.  The big golden dog, maybe a Lab (named Marshmellow, Puffy, or some such), was hilarious. She would run onto the range on every flight and even did a back flip on an LPR CATO.  I have a couple of shots of both dogs in the slide show below.

We also had several planes spilling over from an air show in Easton.  There was one set of four 'war birds' doing some acrobatics.  Luckily they didn't linger.

I made more flights than usual at an MDRA event, and here they are:
  1. 12-Pack on 3 x Estes C6-7 + 9 x Quest C6 - This was a great, smokey flight! All 12 motors lit.  The central three spit out and were found by people on the flight line.  For all the smoke and flame, I calculated that this was the equivalent of a mere 105G46-7.  The recovery was early but good, with no problems except some soot on the fins.
  2. Public Missiles Small Endeavour on a G75-7 - Nice sparky flight.  The SU case wasn't bulged this time.
  3. El Cheapo Pyramid on a G75-4 - Sparkies are cool in pyramids!  But the case did bulge both at the nozzle end and at the point below the motor mount.  I guess full length motor mounts are recommended with the Mealstorm motors.
  4. Standard CrayARM on a G185-6 - Very fast. Soybean patch recovery.
  5. Estes Fat Boy on 3 x C6-5 - This was resurrected from the box-o-dead-rockets that I won at Paul Miller's going away party and was part of the Paul Miller Memorial Drag Race.  According to the tick marks, this was flight number 34!  Good flight and recovery.
  6. First Flight Hobbies Mega-Sonic on a D12-5 - Nice straight flight with early ejection.  'Chute tangled and the nose cone got an 'Estes dent'.
  7. First Flight Hobbies Mega-Sonic on a C11-3 - Another good flight.  Early ejection and recovery with no additional dings.
  8. MRC IronMan on a D12-5 - Another Paul Miller tribute. This might become one of my favorites.  As I was walking to recover it and talking on the phone, I see a nose cone. Hmmm, that looks familiar. I guess I'll add a Kevlar loop through the cone's base.
  9. Estes Mini-Patriot on an A3-4 - Yup, another of Paul's, with a new fin and repaired streamer.  The little rocket was hard to see, until it recovered 20' from the pad.

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