Saturday, June 19, 2010

Launch Report 2010-6

Location: Old National Pike Park, Mt. Airy, MD (NARHAMS)
Weather: Clear, temps in the mid-80's, mild wind
Total flights: Today - 10; YTD - 43
Total motors: Today - 11; YTD - 44

The day was great although the wind was vectored right at the closest line of trees.  Fortunately there is another field past them.  Jim Filler and Ed Pearson did a great job pushing the button and checking them in, respectively.  The flight rate was good despite a large Cub Scout contingent and those pesky contest fliers.  My theme was the Paul Miller Memorial, with half my flights coming from rockets recycled from his 'dead' box.

My Flights:
  1. Mystery beta test rocket on a C11-3 -  The flight was slow and straight and ejection was right on cue.  I have photos on the pad, under boost, under chute, and on the ground in the slideshow below.
  2. Mystery beta test rocket on a D12-0/C11-5 - The wind had picked up some so I thought I'd get the cluster flight in next.  Again, the boost was great with a little weather cocking.  Ejection was just after apogee.  A '-3' delay would have been early.  The booster spun-in along its motor axis for a good recovery.  The two upper stage sections came down lightly about half way to the trees.  I have photos on the pad and under boost in the slideshow.
  3. Mystery beta test rocket  on a D12-5 - It ripped on this motor but, surprisingly, arced with the wind toward the tree line.  This got me a tad flustered so I didn't note the ejection timing.  The upper section's chute opened and it drifted over the tree line.  Whew!  The lower section's chute didn't come out and it glided (yes, glided) down albeit at a steep angle.  The top of the body tube has a slight deformation that wouldn't be noticeable if I didn't tell you about it.
  4. MRC IronMan (Paul Miller Memorial Flight #1) on a D12-5 -  This was  a cool flight all around.  Ejection was just after apogee. Thank's Paul!
  5. Tiny Tim Smoke on a C11-3 (Paul Miller Memorial Flight #2)-  Another nice flight.
  6. Estes Javelin (Paul Miller Memorial Flight #3) on a Quest C6-5 - Unstable.  Dead.  I blamed Paul.
  7. Estes Quasar (Paul Miller Memorial Flight #4) on a Quest C6-5 - High flight with some coning.  I think it drifted to Pennsylvania.  Lost..
  8. Unknown USAF-Decorated Rocket (Paul Miller Memorial Flight #5) on a C11-5 - Nice high flight.  It drifted across the trees and I thought I'd find it.  I searched at the end of my flying and was well baked by that point, so I gave up quickly. It was free and only had a stock plastic chute.  I hope someone finds it and gives it a good home.
  9. SS 7.5 ICBM on a D12-5 - Flight was good with late ejection.  Nose cone now has a smile.
  10. Odd'l Birdie on an A10-3 - This got the most comments from the menagerie.  Nice flight with recovery 10' from the pad.

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