Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AeroTech Cheetah scrap tube luck-out

Yet another dead rocket that I inherited from the infamous Paul Miller is the motor section and nose cone from an Aerotech Cheetah.  I found replacement 1.9" tubing on AeroTech's website but, as usual, decided to root around instead.  I'd have paid the $6+ bucks but decided that I didn't want to pay S&H on such a small order.  I was almost going to give up when I ran across the packing tube from the G185 that I flew last weekend.  Amazing, the OD is perfect.  I have a long version from a J-motor which will work out just fine.  The ID is a tad small but a little peeling and some thin CA fixed that. It never ceases to amaze me on how you can scrounge up tubing that will work for a low budget repair (or scratch build for that matter).

I've got to kludge a coupler to connect it to the damaged lower body, figure a way to attach a shock tether, and add some way to attach said tether to the nose cone.  I don't know why Paul hacked the cone's base off, but I suspect it too was damaged.