Friday, June 04, 2010

12 C6's = ?

I am planning to fly the 12-Pack on three central Estes C6-7's (for ejection) and 9 Quest 'long burn' C6's (for boost and I got a lot of them).  It seems a C6 isn't a C6.  The Estes has an average impulse of 4.7 N and the Quest has 3.5.  Based on a quick calculation, the flight will use 141g of propellant, so it is technically high power.  But the equivalent motor is a mere 105G46.  That's only a 25% G motor.  Assuming all the thrust spikes occur at the same time, the max thrust is around 181 N.  I still have to plug actuals back into my RockSim model and load her up with motors and see if I forgot the nose weight :eek: