Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paul is gone, but won't be forgotten

Gone to Aridzone, that is.  Yesterday, Warthog and Mrs. W. hosted a nice going away party for our rocket buddy, Paul.  They covered all the food groups: grilled meat, BBQ, sausage (substitutes for the the bacon group), and beer.  Even better than a build session.

Oh yeah, Warthog also shared his memories of Paul, who escaped without being roasted as much as dinner. Paul even donated a bunch of rocket stuff to the attendees, of which I got an ammo box and a huge box of damaged rockets that will be a treasure trove of parts.  I will rebuild his cluster Fatboy and fly it at the next launch.

Paul was a great rocket buddy and will be missed.  He was always good for a story or some help or a story that helped.  He still will be, just not at NARHAMS or MDRA.   Here they are posing with Paul's specialty -  the V-2 (these are stand-ins, his are all packed).  Adios compadre!

(Yeah, not a build session but it's the closest tag I had.)