Monday, May 24, 2010

My initial PMFL line up (updated)

With the announcement of the Paul Miller Farewell Launch at the next MDRA launch on June 26th, I wanted to grab a quick photo of my Paul Miller Recycled Fleet. Left-to-right and back-to-front:
  • The 3 x 18mm Fatboy, complete with a shiny new MDRA logo.  It needs some yellow touch-up paint but is ready to fly.
  • The Estes Quasar.
  • This name of this rocket is driving me nuts.  Thanks to tbzep on YORF, I learned that this is a MRC IronMan Heavy Lift launch Vehicle. The 24mm motor mount is in but the new mis-matched gold pod is only dry fit.  Still, it will be good to go (and could be by tomorrow).
  • Here's a new rebuild that I haven't mentioned.  I got a burned out (literally) Tiny Tim booster from a WAC Corporal kit that met its demise at NARAM-47 on a C11-0. The top  including the inter-stage was fried and there was no motor mount.  I sanded and trimmed the centering rings so I could get a new 24mm motor tube in.  I also found that, once I trimmed some damage, a Quest T-35 tube fits over the body like a glove.  Finally, I also have one more Nike Smoke cone, and the result will be the Tiny Tim Smoke. The parts are only dry fit but the build should be fast.
  • Finally, you can see the 18mm Estes Javelin.