Saturday, May 15, 2010

Launch Report 2010-5

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-144)
Weather: sunny, high 70's, windy
Total flights: Today - 12; YTD - 33
Total motors: Today - 12; YTD - 33

The day started badly - the Beltway was backed up shortly after I got on.  It cleared but then got bad again near Rte50 due to the Joint  Forces Open House and Airshow at Andrews.  Then the commute got better - once again there were only 4 cars ahead of me on the Bay Bridge toll booths. Then the day got worse - it was windy with the vector pointed right at the closest stand of trees.  But the day turned out very well.  Except for the wind, the weather was perfect and I had enough small (read that low-flier), odd and small/odd rockets to fill in until the wind started to break late in the day.  It eventually got a bit milder and slightly vectored out into the long field.  GREAT DAY!

My Flights (see embedded photos and video):
  1. Helix-29 on a G10 - This was a collectible AT motor circa 1986 or so. Low thrust motors in monocopters and wind don't mix but I was tired of scrubbing the flight.  Well, it started up, tilted into the wind, and hit the dirt. D'OH!  But wait!  It once again takes off and has a nice flight.  I wouldn't have chosen this flight profile but everyone agreed that it was WAY COOL.  And it was a G10 not a mislabeled F10 or anything.  I estimate over a 10 second burn time.  One leg of the balance beam broke off but it flew well anyway.  A bit of surgery and I think the Helix will once again be flight worthy.  I embedded the video below but you really can't see much. 
  2. Hat of Death on a G75MS - After a couple of unsuccessful flights, the Hat had another sky-writing episode.  :eek:  It was very sparky and kinda cool anyway. I think this motor has one thing in common with the failed G20 flight - both motors are quite long.  It's flown on numerous G's including a G80, a G64 reload and a G77 SU.  These are pretty long so maybe it's a combo of the motor and the wind (?)
  3. Hat of Death on an E9-P -  I had to let it redeem itself, and it did!
  4. Hostile Projectiles Delta X-15 on a E20-4 - It took off like a bat but ejection was very early.  My tape zipper protector did its job but the front BT is crunched.  Not hard to fix.
  5. Landshark 3.0 "True Blood" on a G64-6 - Nice boost, closer to the original -10 than a drilled -6.  Needs paint touch up but there was no real damage.  People seem to like it's dripping blood nose cone.
  6. Whirlygig-24 on an E15 -Nice flight but short.
  7. Odd'l Wedgie on a QC6-3 - It weather cocked severely a lot but the flight was good nevertheless.  The only 'damage' was the tip of one of the skin panels peeled up.  Fixed with some cellophane tape.
  8. Odd'l Wedgie on an QB6-4 - The wind had begun dropping and the boost was straighter. The rocket held up fine but the crepe streamer was damaged.
  9. Odd'l Birdie on an A10-P - Nice flight!  I like this better than my other mini-motor saucers and saucer-like objects. 
  10. Odd'l Birdie on an A3-4 - Another good one.  And no walking.
  11. Mini V-2 on an A10-3 - Nice straight flight despite the wind and close-in recovery via streamer.
  12. MicroMaxx Saucer of 'Roids on a QC6-5 - Nice flight.

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