Sunday, May 23, 2010

Having fun with a big box-o-rockets

Earlier, I mentioned that I won a big box of dead rockets at Paul's party.  This reminded me of another facet of my obsession - rebuilding.  I (almost) always fix, rebuild or in extreme cases scavenge parts from those less than perfect (but often cool) flights.  And those I haven't are in my junk bin for future scavenging.  So, today I took my latest loot down into the Dungeon and began work.

First, I found a handful of unattached nose coned from BT-5 to BT-55.  There were also two nice 18" nylon 'chutes, compete with snap swivels.  These were assimilated into the collective.

Paul's 3 x 18mm FatBoy, whose 'tick marks' indicate 33 flights, had plenty of battle scars including a newly broken fin and a separated shock cord.  I'm fixing the fin with CA and epoxy filler.  I also added about 8" of Kevlar through the body wall.  Conveniently, there was a spot that was previously internally reinforced with an add-on shock cord attachment point.  Some sanding and touch painting and it will be ready for flight # 34.

There's a tall-ish BT-70 (my guess without measuring) with an interesting double angled cone, plastic/decorative strap on boosters (one of which is missing), and nice wraps to make it look like a space booster. I've seen it before but don't remember the name.   It has a baffle and the fins are intact but the motor mount is gone.  So, I cut some custom rings to install a 24mm mount and found a plastic doohicky to replace the missing booster.  This should be ready to fly in a day or so.

I found several models that are flyable as is, including:

  • Javelin - 18mm, streamer, unknown manufacturer.
  • Estes Quasar - 18mm, 'chute, plastic fin can.

Suitable nicknames and photos will ensue.  I smell a Paul Miller Memorial Launch in June.