Sunday, May 16, 2010

Air Command hosting change and a general lament on linking

Today, George Katz announced that his main Air Command website was re-hosted and now has its own domain.  I updated my links list in the sidebar but, as usual, I won't update individual posts.  The underlying structure will remain the same, so you can merely replace with

Unfortunately, this will not be known to the casual visitor here.  I use a lot of links and this will not be the first regularly linked site that has changed.  It happened to the Apogee newsletters and EMRR among others.  It would be cool to have a Blogger tool that managed links so this change could be automated.  I'm pretty sure there are tools that can do this for 'regular' web sites, but even if I knew how to do this, you just don't have enough access within Blogger.  Dead links are a problem everywhere, I reckon.