Tuesday, April 06, 2010

ROMBUS III nuclear rocket

Scott Lowther provides a preview of his Aerospace Projects Review V2N6, which will feature the Douglas ROMBUS/ICARUS/Ithacus/Pegasus.  The linked post includes a low res, but detailed, view of the ROMBUS III nuclear Mars rocket.  The Douglas Aircraft Co.'s proposed "Reusable Orbital Module-Booster & Utility Shuttle" (ROMBUS) concept was a heavy lift VTVL SSTO RLV follow-on to Apollo. The 'III' series would have had four gas-core nuclear rocket engines in its upper stage and a Mars-bound payload equipped with gas-core and solid-core nukes, and another  nuclear reactor for power.  More on ROMBUS can be found on Encyclopedia Astronautica, which is the source of the simplified diagram I've attached.