Saturday, April 24, 2010

ROCKETS Magazine, April 2010

Starts good with a Darth Vader oddroc as the background image on the index page (from Hellfire 14); how to use the Big Red Bee GPS system; part III of the Black Magic Missile works how-to sales article; Curt Newport's Proteus 6 at Balls-17 (85K and Mach 3, not bad); Hellfire on the Salt Flats (includes more of Randell Redd's oddrocs); photos from Alabama; a 14.5" Redstone build article; cutting snap ring grooves yourself; a 5+ week, ~12k mile rocket trip (wow, I think I'd OD and my wife would become catatonic); Dr. Zooch describes his camera boom system for LPR (perfect for monitoring the activities of your ant-stronauts).