Saturday, April 17, 2010

Launch Report 2010-4 (Red Glare 8)

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD (MDRA)
Weather:  high 50's; partly cloudy; very windy and chilly
Total flights: Today - 2; YTD - 21
Total motors: Today - 2; YTD - 21

As usual, I planned to only attend one of the three launch days.  As it turned out, fate picked Saturday for me.  I'll first point out that a bad day on the field is better than a good day doing yard work! That being said, it was a pretty crappy day, starting with the big pile of manure in the parking area:

The winds were pretty bad and they got stronger as the day progressed.  By 4 PM I was glad that I'd brought ear muffs.  As you read my flight reports, you'll see I only had 2 unsuccessful flights :(    The good news is saw a bunch of cool flights and some awesome rockets.  Here are the three highlights:
  1. Burl Finkelstein's "Big V2" on a central N and 2 O's.  This alone made the trip worth it.  You can find a few photos here and a (poor) video here.
  2. Neil Brown's "Dinosaurs Rocket-et Extreme" - 20' tall and weighing in at 385 lbs - flew on an N4000 and 3 outboard K830, Spitfires.  You can find a photo here and a video here.
  3. Steve Eves had his 1/9-scale Saturn 1B on display.  It should fly later this year along with another 1/10-scale version.  See the four photos here.

My Flights:
  1. Hat of Death on a Vulcan G motor of unknown designation - It chuffed its way off the rod and, once the motor came up to pressure, spun wildly.  It has a few additional battle scars.
  2. Landshark 2.0 on a G75-7 Metalstorm - Nice boost although the sparks weren't as noticeable as on the promo videos.  Maybe that was due to the wind?  Ejection was a second or two late, but that was expected.  Unfortunately, the Landshark decided to try to return to the sea.  It was too water logged and didn't survive.  I'll reuse the fins and maybe then entire motor mount if I can ever get the paper label-wrapped motor out..  Before and after photos photos here. And a bad video.