Monday, April 19, 2010

Landshark 3.0 (quick update)

After the drowning of version 2.0, I have plans for the next-gen Landshark. I'll post photos of the major components later. But they will be:
  • The fin can is intact and will be reused. I managed to beat out the stuck motor.  Paper labels suck.  Once I got it out, I inserted a RMS case to make sure the mount stated round while it dried. I reinforced the out-of-round decorative tubes with piece of Semroc dummy 18mm motors and dowels.
  • Another 3" mailing tube ~40" long.  With the fins on the motor mount, I'll have to slot the tube to the end.  
  • I'm changing the nose to give it a new look.  I have a stubby 3" cone that I made with a found plastic doohickey. I guess you'd call it a truncated oval.  I'm going to drill the tip out for a piece of 29mm tube and add a conical PML resin cone.  This should give it a sorta ram-jet look.  I may add a payload section to lengthen the rocket but will wait to see what it looks like with the short nose.  This may also be needed for stability.
I don't know if I'll take a photo now.  Here's what it should basically look like: