Monday, April 05, 2010

Before Ky Michaelson there was Harry Bull

Sport rocketeers everywhere know that Ky not only builds cool kits, manufactures great recovery components, and hosts a big superbowl party but also has strapped rocket motors to most every kind of land vehicle. But I don't think he was doing so in 1931:
Rocket Driven Ice Sled Speeds Over Lake at 75 M. P. H.

PROPELLED by the fiery explosions of eighteen rockets, a new torpedo shaped ice boat, designed and built by Harry W. Bull, 21-year-old Syracuse University student, proved itself in a recent test an extremely speedy vehicle, capable of acceleration at a rate of 110 feet per second, or about 75 miles per hour—four times faster than that of the average auto.

From Modern Mechanics, June 1931. Read more on Modern Mechanix.