Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday rocket reports (added a Blue Ball aftermath photo)

Clark Lindsey found this video of Mastens' Xombie fliying at FAR.  That is an awesome perspective. The flight went to just over 1000' at a speed of 60mph both up and down.

Unreasonable Rocket reports bad news via Twitter:
Bummer day crashed rocket and favorite food place in cal city(xspot) closed til further notice.

Rocket gone awry. One of our party was downwind and received a spritz of H2O2

This weekend's weather has been great and the reports from MDRA indicate everyone is having a great time.  I was busy yesterday but also enjoyed the weather.  Today, I just couldn't get motivated.  I thought about the drive, the meager rockets I have on tap, and just slept in.   I think I may be slipping into my 3rd lapse in the hobby.  If I do, I think I may be too old to become a BAR for the 3rd time.