Saturday, March 27, 2010

Launch Report 2010-2

Location: Great Meadow, The Plains, VA (NOVAAR)
Weather:  high 40's; clear changing to high thin clouds; wind 0 - 5 mph
Total flights: Today - 8; YTD - 12
Total motors: Today - 8; YTD - 12

I got my flights up in record time despite there being tons of TARC teams flying.  NOVAAR has the best set-up: around 18 pads arranged in a wide arc, which allows people to load in one spot and fly in another.  Here are my flights:
  1. Prototype Monocopter on an F10 - Great long flight!  It went up a ways, leveled off for a while, and then headed back up. Very neat. Video missed due to operator error.
  2. Prototype Monocopter on a G38FJ - Great flight but not as cool as the F10.  Video embedded below.
  3. AquaBottleBat on an F35-4 - Great flight with ejection at apogee.
  4. Hostile Projectiles Delta X-15 on an D12-5 - Straight boost with ejection at apogee. Perfect landing too.
  5. BMS Astron Invader on an A8-3 - It pulled a tight arc and lawn darted.  Dead.
  6. HotRod Discovery on a C6-5 - Very high flight.  Never seen again.
  7. Semroc Tau Zero on a C6-5 - Another very high flight.  I finally found it.
  8. Quest MLAS on an (Estes) C6-3 - Great boost.  Unfortunately, all three chutes were BBQ'ed and it came down in streamer mode.  Nevertheless, all 8 fins remained attached :)

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