Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is the game of life in our future?

The IEEE Spectrum tech talk blog calls game designer Jesse Schell's view of the future The Most Disturbing Presentation of the Year.  Jesse imagines a world where we earn points, ala frequent flier miles, for everything.  Game designers will take over corporate marketing.  Sensors will be ubiquitous and will track us as we navigate a maze of points and rewards.  Life itself will become one big game. 

Images of The Matrix come to mind.  Big brother will both watch and manipulate.  Everything we do will be logged for posterity.  How would you act if you knew your children and grand children knew everything you read?  Everything you bought?  Jesse ends on an up-note that this might make us think about our actions and make us better people.

It's fairly long but I found it interesting. More interesting than scary.  I'm more worried about the many pressing problems we are currently facing as a country and a society.  I guess this rates somewhere between health care and the zombie apocalypse.