Sunday, February 21, 2010

Useless beer factoid

Is I was enjoying my Santa's Butt Winter Porter, I decided to do some reading.  Reading the label, that is.  There I learned that a 'butt' also refers to a large beer barrel that holds 108 Imperial gallons. 

From Wikipedia, I see a butt is also equal to: 3 hogsheads, 6 barrels, 9 kilderkins, 18 firkins, 144 ale gallons, 665.44 ale liters, 162 ale gallons, or 748.62 ale liters.  For some reason, there isn't a butt to Imperial gallon conversion factor.  Butt, if you use firkins as an intermediate measure you find a butt holds 162 Imperial gallons. OK, I really don't care. Believe Santa or Wilipedia, as you prefer!