Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snowpocalypse, I shake my fist at you

Well, Snowpocalypse was like crack to bloggers.  At least this one.  Yesterday was warmish and sunny and there was a patch of clear ground outside our basement walk-out.  Time for rockets! So, I decided to figuratively shake my fist at mother nature.  By 'fist', I really mean rattle can spray paint.
  • I decided to cover my Delta X-15 with matte black Rustoleum.  I was surprised how bad it looked with gloss.  Not that matte will make it great, but...
  • I had started on the Semroc Tau Zero and continued the build by spraying a silver base coat.  The fins and bottom of the cone will be Metalcast Purple.  Just to be different.  And I have it on-hand.
  • I didn't start painting the Astron Invader.  Need more snow melting to do the glide test/trimming.
  • Also didn't continue on the SS-7.5 ICBM.  Out of places to put drying projects.
  • As for the Hot Rod Discovery, I just don't know how I want to paint it.
Hmm, that's a lot of unfinished stuff!  No rocket photo, how about a snow girl?

Sorry, no new snow, no snow girl. :eek:  C'mon Mother Nature, I shake my actual fist at you.