Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smokey SAM

Smokey SAM, originally uploaded by Herbert Welmers.

The test rocket, not CTI's propellant of the same name.

Here's a nice shot of four of them mounted in their launcher. Designated the GTR-18, this small rocket produced a dense smoke trail and was used as a training round. The body tube is paper phenolic and the tail cone/fins were molded from high density foam. It is single-use, cheap and light. Light in case it was sucked into a jet's intake. Being light, it evidently is not uncommon for these to blow off the test range into adjacent land. I once read where a sport rocketeer converted one of the use for flight, or maybe I should say re-flight? IIRC, the original motor is around 29mm. You may not be able to find one in the wild and I bet they are too expensive if they reach eBay. However, you can get a body tube if you collect such things.