Saturday, February 13, 2010

Review: Aerospace Projects Review, Volume 1, No. 3

After reading Scott Lowther's post on the Cole/Helios nuclear pulse rocket, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the download of Volume 1, Number 3 of his Aerospace Projects Review.  I had noticed that it also provided info on a conceptional, lenticular, ramjet-powered aircraft patented by Lockheed in the 1962-1963 time frame.  Since lenticular craft also interest me, I couldn't resist.

The download cost $7 and was paid for via PayPal.  Despite some caveats, the download was made available to me withing a few minutes.  But it was the middle of the day.  It is in .pdf format but is protected so you can't extract text or images.

His page (linked above) gives details about the issue, including numerous lower-res diagrams from the document.  This issue is 78 pages long and covers 7 subjects: the Convair Model 37 Flying Boat; "A Study of Hypersonic Aircraft"; The Cole/Helios nuclear spacecraft; a survey of blended-wing aircraft; Focke-Wulf VTOL jetliners; Lockheed's lenticular aircraft, and; Bell X-14 Derivatives.  Each section includes textual descriptions, lots of diagrams and some photos.  Many of the diagrams were produced by Scott and he has a 'grading' system so you can tell how accurate they may be.  They are generally not well dimensioned, but depict the overall scale and configuration, often in several views. Each section also includes a list of references.

The total amount of material provided is impressive.  However, these are in general a bit expensive for my hobby budget.  That does not reflect on Scott's work as it is evident that he spent a lot of work researching these subjects. I bet the equivalent hourly rate for his work is pretty low. Yet, if you see a particular subject that you are interested in, then that issue is well worth the price.  Subscriptions are also available. (diagram from Scott's site)