Saturday, February 06, 2010

Report from under the sowpocalypse

We we up really late so, when we drug out of bed, we expected snowpocalypse! I haven't been out to measure the depth but have pasted in some readings from the NWS.  And, I just heard the storm has once again been upgraded with 6 - 10" more expected today!

2 ESE GERMANTOWN 25.9 1014 AM  2/06
1 NW ROCKVILLE   24.5  717 AM  2/06
1 SE NORBECK     22.6  841 AM  2/06

These should be reasonably representative, and note the times.

My method of approximation using the height of the snow on the deck rail fell apart.  This thin structure evidently can't support the greater depth.  The photos I took don't do it justice - there just isn't enough contrast.  Everything is the same color white!