Sunday, February 28, 2010

Congrats to Verna and Randy on 6 years of Fire and Smoke!

I decided to pop over to Verna and Randy's place a day early to see what they had brewing for March 2010...and found that they are entering their 6th year on-line.  Great job guys, keep it up!

This month, they feature a report from Cosmonaut Lev Andropov on President Obama's plans for NASA.  Lev is famous fixing the Space Shuttle Independence with a large monkey wrench.  He's a big fan of NASA's new marching orders and says he will "mizz us on ze moon...a leetle beet..but not too much."

Then, to my amazement, they are featuring yours truly on their Photo of the Day page. I'm blushing, even if I borrowed 2 of the 3 photos myself.  I'm loving the ability to hot-link photos from Flickr :)

Hey Verna, how about a Rocket Babe themed Photo of the Month when the weather warms up a bit? ;)

(whew, that was a typo-tsunami!)