Sunday, February 14, 2010

American Bosch Arma Corporation

I had never heard of American Bosch Arma Corporation until I read Aerospace Projects Review V1N3.  That issue of APR presents a magazine ad showing a conceptual Atomic Pulse Rocket.  This rocket would be the size of the Empire State Building and would use 1000 atomic bombs to transport payloads to the moon. Arma's real-world experience included building the inertial guidance system for the ATLAS ICBM and the fire control system for the B-52 Bomber.  Evidently, they also invented the PROM. How serious they were about atomic rockets I don't know.  Could have just been marketing to appeal to the space loving public.

The drawing shown in the APR issue was prepared by spacecraft artist Frank Tinsley.  Tinsley's forte was depicting future spacecraft for magazines like Mechanix Illustrated and Fortune.  The George Glazer Gallery offers a set of four Fortune Magazine Space Vehicle Plaques featuring more of Tinsley's artwork.  One of the plaques (shown to the right) depicts the Mars Snooper "nuclear-fueled reconnaissance craft". I also didn't know that this was where Estes got the inspiration for their classic kit.

The site Plan 59 also offers a looks at another of Arma/Tinsley's concepts.  This one would also make a nice subject for a fantasy scale rocket.