Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Almost Scientific rocketry...well not really

From the MAKE:blog, I found Almost Scientific's annals of the West Oakland Rocketry Club, a self-professed "Art Rocketry" club.  In the name of 'art', these folks take odd-rocs to the extreme. (Gee, I guess I did a lot of art in the desert when I was a kid.) They will stick a motor in most anything, often with no apparent effort to make the resulting projectile stable or recoverable.  Generally, we sport rocketeers try to apply a modicum of rocket science to give them a chance of working.  However, I have to get off my high horse since I have had more than a few that didn't.

That being said, some of my favs are the turkey (an actual turkey, not a plastic one), the slinky-roc, the condom-roc, and snow man whose body is the pad and the head is the rocket.  I don't know if this is art or not, but it is amusing.

At least they seem to fly in areas that seem to be devoid of free range kids (or adults). One might think that we MDRAer's should have little to say in this regards [2010 Christmas Tree launch], however, more safety measures were taken than were evident to the casual observer, including crowd control, field conditions, fire control, crowd control, thrust-to-weight experience, etc.

So kiddies, don't try this on your own, but enjoy the art show: