Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Alien Invader wing assembly

The Invader is distinguished by its odd, UFO-like wing plate.  It has been described as a Flying Pie Plate. Its flight profile has been questionable, so Of Death belongs in the nickname too.  So, that's what I'll call mine.

The plate is assembled from three laser-cut pieces.  These are first glued together (duh).  I laid the parts on some wax paper and used white glue.  You use a template, printed from the archived plans from JimZ's site, to mark locations for the pylons and rudders as well as the mid-line of the circle. Then, the assembly is cut in half.  One half is flipped over, which alternates the grain pattern and adds some strength. The two parts are rejoined, with a dihedral applied, using a provided stand/brace. The attached photo shows this step.  Note the grain direction and the brace.