Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why ask why...and other build status

Q: Why is it I never seem to take the time necessary to get a (near) perfect finish? 

A: Even when I start out with good intentions, I just can't bring myself to stock up on all the proper grades of sandpaper and other materials.  So, I'm pretty much doomed to a C+ or B- finish from the get go.  Next, even when I'm energetic at the start of the process, I usually run out of interest.  Then to top it off, I tend to paint 3/4 of my models with the paint I bought for the other 1/4. 

Add in some learning curve, and you get my Hostile Projectiles Delta X-15.  And I won't bring up the decals or lack thereof.  I'm at least a day from photographing it. One thing I'm happy with is that I decided to cut the erstwhile card stock tail cone from 1/64" fiberglass.

While I don't have many, I do have some standards - so I'm still sanding and filling the SS-7.5 ICBM.  I want at least a C- on that one.

I've also stocked up on home-dipped initiators.  Happily, I found the 4 initiators that I dipped at Warthog's last building session all measured 2.5+/- ohms.  At the session, they all read way high but it appears they just needed more drying time than their Igniterman-dipped cousins.  In addition to the motors I previously mentioned, Paul gave me some ancient, pre-dipped, bridgewire initiators.  The pyrogen was unusable but was easily removed.  They still looked and ohmed-out OK so a few were also dipped.  I reckon I'm ready for the next launch (assuming the ol' back recovers).