Monday, January 04, 2010

ROCKETS Magazine, December 2009

Among other things, the holidays (along with the cold weather) have pushed my rocketry reset button.  My two ongoing project need paint and that isn't happening any time soon.  To the rescue...the December issue of ROCKETS!

The launch coverage ranges from Queensland, Australia to Colorado with stops in Virginia and Tennessee.  The ROCKETS crew attended on the Valley Aero Space Team's (VAST) August Rush launch that was held near Swoope, VA.  This site is a bit farther away for me than the MDRA, NARHAMS, or NOVAAR's sites but looks like a good one.  Unfortunately, they have lost their site due to what appears to be the misapplication of zoning laws.  They are fighting the issue so there may still be a 2010 August Rush.  I recently saw that MDRA donated proceeds from the Red Glare VII raffle to their legal fund. 

On the tech side, there is: a build report on a 0.641 scale, 9.25" dia. Patriot; part 2 of the series on rocketry electronics; a detailed description of Estes' version of Cold Power by Wes "Dr Zooch" Oleszewski; a how-to on fillets; and, last but not least, Alan Whitmore's overview of copper burn rate catalysts. 

Finally, there is the compulsory tribute to Paul Robinson.