Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hobby rocket motor archaeology (updated)

I wanted to document more about the unidentified motor that I mentioned in my build session report.  While I was at it,  I thought I might as well photograph a sampling of my current vintage motor "collection".  Top to bottom:
  • E6-4 (also have an -8)
  • F10-4
  • G125-20
  • G10-2 (not shown)
  • Vulcan ?-? (no labeling, with tape ring)
  • G80, shown for reference (older version)
Don't ask me about the funky delays, I just transcribed what's written on the caps.  As for the Vulcan motor:
  • Manufacturer identified by reader and archaeologist KenKzak 
  • It is 29mm x 120mm (4.75")
  • Core burner with ~3" of propellant
  • Nozzle throat is ~11/64" (0.172")
  • Potting epoxy around nozzle is bright red
  • Cap appears to be fiber, similar to Estes couplers
  • It is probably late 80's vintage (per Ken) and acquired in the early 90's (Paul's best recollection)
My current guess it is a G-something.  It appears to be shorter than the larger impulse G's but is longer than the baby G's such as the AT G35.

The nozzle end photos, L-to-R:
  • Vulcan ?-?
  • G125
  • G10
  • G80