Friday, January 22, 2010

Concept Ship Friday (update)

First up is some neat retro stuff from Scott Lowther and his Unwanted Blog.  In his post, About the “Landing Boats”, he expounds on how he 'derived' the design for the lifting body style landing boats for Fantastic Plastic's Orion Battleship.  I applied the term 'derived' because, although the design was not captured from a blueprint (yeah, aerospace folks used those back then), he based them on written descriptions, some arcane photographs, and educated guesses based on who developed the Orion concept. [General Atomics, but you'll have to read his post to see why this was significant.]

Of equal interest to some (and probably more to most), he also provides info on the Rockwell Space Shuttle, circa late 1972”.  Scott really digs up some cool stuff.

[I saw these on my RSS reader, but Clark Lindsey's post prodded me to pass them on here.]

Next, I'll remind you about the Concept Ships blog.  The latest post features
3D concept ships by Francois Brigouleix. Although this installment doesn't look applicable to flying models, it is, well, cool. Update:  Francois commented that you can access a higher res animation via his web site. (right click the video you want to see) also has a running post on Concept/Sci-Fi military machines. Some are even of the flying variety.

I had another concept ship link but lost it.  Can't even remember where I saw it.  Oh well, hope the rest of the post is enough for you.

Finally, R2K found the following video on NASA's concept for the Puffin low noise, electric, personal air vehicle.  If I'm around in 2050 and am not demented, I'll want one! Of course, I doubt that I'll be able to actually use it, however.  And no cracks about me already being demented!!! After all, I do play with toy rockets...'nuff said :)