Thursday, December 10, 2009

Second iteration of the Frankenstein MLAS sims

The following was posted as a response to the previous post on this subject, but I decided to make a new post too.

Both KenKzak and Tim Wilson recommended a bigger motor than I was planning. I mulled over the recommendations and conceded that a bigger motor should be used. I'm still worried about my sim as, even after I added 8 more oz of nose weight to accommodate a Loki H motor, Rsim says a G71 would work. At 4.5 lbs, I don't think so. So, methinks I'll add the 8 oz and wait until I can get an H144 or better yet and H160. If the weather improves (ie isn't sleeting or snowing), I'll try to drag my carcass, along with the MLAS, to the next MDRA launch. And hope a Loki rep is there. Thanks again for the input, dudes.