Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Remembering the Pratt Hobbies D-Region Tomahawk

Memories of this kit popped into my mind for no obvious reason.  This small 25"L x 1.8"D scale kit was unique in that it flew on motors from A through G.  This rocket on a G?  This isn't Sparta, this is madness! It included all the necessary motor adapters and recovered on a 'caution' tape streamer.  I didn't test the kit on the full motor range...only from C to G.  I flew it initially on a C6-5 just so I'd get a 2nd flight on it.  At the time, I built quite a few 'disposable' rockets that only got one flight.  Imagine my shock when I got it back after a G35 ride :)  The third flight on an F10 proved too much and it was never seen again.  Not bad for paper and surface mount plywood.  By the time I went to get a replacement, it was OOP.  You can read full reviews of this great kit here.