Friday, December 18, 2009

A new edition of Experimental Composite Propellant is on the way

Dr. Terry 'Pr'fesser' McCreary has just announced his plans to publish the 2nd edition of his acclaimed book, Experimental Composite Propellant. The 1st edition is regarded as one of the best sources for amateurs, providing a good mix of theory and practice. The book is, however, fairly informal and emphasizes the use of PBAN as a binder rather than the more commonly used HTPB.  The Pr'fesser has a good rationale why he did this but, nevertheless, many beginners would benefit from more details and step-by-step material on HTPB.  He is also soliciting content from the amateur propellant community, which will be compiled into a chapter of the new book.  For more details on the new edition and how to submit your tips, please follow the link to ROL above.