Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I sputtered and dribbled but still got hard

OK, no crude comments on this crude title.  You KNOW it is about rockets!

I have had my West Systems epoxy for around 8 years.  Last Monday, I dispensed 3 pumps of epoxy and hardener to mix with the lead shot in the nose of my Frankenstein MLAS.  I noticed a few minor sputters mid stroke on the epoxy itself and the hardener seemed fine. Yesterday, I decided to add a bit more epoxy since it appeared the cone sat at an angle when the original batch set.  This left some of the shot just slightly wetted out and I could poke the shot free.  This time, mid stroke, the epoxy sputtered and went dry.  I pumped again and got less.  Repeat several times more.  I seldom apply good sense and decided I'd try to use this last batch up.  When I tried to pump the hardener, I got one full pump but that was it.  Thereafter, all a got was a drip.  I kept at it until I thought I had enough. Against my better judgment, I stirred it up and poured it into the cone.  I had visions of unset epoxy sludge in the cone, but to my delight, it set just fine.  Whew, dodged that one!