Tuesday, December 08, 2009

First iteration of the Frankenstein sims

There is good news on the Frankenstein's sims.  I put an early guess of CG and mass into RockSim and added a couple of pounds of nose weight.  This moved the CG to approximately the point where Tim Wilson set his (I believe his sims as he worked on the real McCoy).  I said approximate because his is a little bigger and I eyeballed the conversion between sizes.  But it should be close.  What's important is the weight is at ~3.75 4 lbs, well withing the lifting capability of the G185. I thought it would take more weight than that.  I can fit up to a 38/480 case, so it's not like I don't have options, but I'd like this one low and slow for its first flight.

The sims don't exactly add up.  For example, one says I should get 344 feet on a G71R-5.  The -5 delay seems too long for that heavy a rocket of that diameter.  The G185 sim says 468 ft with a delay of also around 5 seconds.